Finland is restricting restaurants to slow down the spread of Covid

The government has imposed new restrictions on bars and restaurants in the worst-affected areas of the Covid pandemic with a rubber stamp.

Establishments in areas classified as “community-borne” in the epidemic must stop selling alcohol at 5 pm and close their doors at 6 pm unless they require a Covid passport at all times.

Covid passports are available for those who have received a double vaccination or who have recovered from Covid or who may have recently tested negative.

Minister of Family and Social Affairs Krista Kiuru (SDP) said on Thursday that the number of Covid cases in intensive care is rapidly approaching a level where surgery and other treatment would have to be severely curtailed.

The health agency THL announced on Friday that the intensive care units had 44 patients out of 49 on Thursday. Health officials have said Covid patients have 50-60 places in the intensive care unit, but some hospital districts are already postponing intensive care because of a lack of bedding.

The new rules will take effect on Sunday and will apply to most of the country, except for North Karelia, Savo, Central Finland, Kainuu and Lapland.

Source: The Nordic Page





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