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Swedish Radio’s political commentator Tomas Ramberg sums up the tumultuous political week, with a report from Wednesday when Magdalena Andersson (S) was elected Prime Minister and resigned just seven hours later. We also hear about the critical Speaker who has a different role in Sweden compared to, for example, the United Kingdom.

Middle Eastern correspondent Cecilia Uddén talks about a renaissance of the pharaohs’ Egypt and then there is a chronicle by Ulrika Knutson about women politicians in Sweden.

The panel is also about the dramatic political week.

Ulrika Björkstén, Swedish Radio’s science commentator, tells what we know about the new corona variant omrikon, which is causing concern in the world, and we get an investigative report on the shortcomings in Sweden’s crisis preparedness.

Public service is involved, of course, and so we hear about how the incoming German government was inspired by Sweden.

It will be a report from Greece where 24 volunteers are on trial, suspected of crimes when they helped refugees and asylum seekers, something that provoked international protests.

Last in the program kåseri with Pamela Jaskoviak.






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