The Swedish Parliament will vote on Magdalena Andersson’s Prime Minister


Sweden’s Riksdag convenes today to vote on the election of Magdalena Andersson as Prime Minister.

Andersson made headlines when she was elected Sweden’s first female prime minister on Wednesday. She resigned on the same day as her coalition government collapsed after the Riksdag rejected the budget that Andersson’s Social Democratic Party and the Green Party jointly proposed. Instead, the Riksdag voted to adopt the budget proposed by the far-right Sweden Democrats.

Rising populism has caused political chaos in recent years as various minority coalitions try to present a united front against the trend, but party differences have divided parliament and led to eternal deadlock.

The Left, Green and Center parties have all agreed to support Andersson on a one-party platform to ensure that the Sweden Democrats do not gain additional power. But the division that has adult over the past ten years is expected to continue through the national elections in september. While Andersson will have more control as the leader of a one-party government, major political changes demanded by the population on issues such as welfare and immigration will be difficult to pass. The far right has exploited such political inefficiencies, and it is likely that their popularity will continue to grow during Andersson’s term.

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