Dortmund fans dream of a farewell gift from Haaland

Dortmund fans dream of a farewell gift from Haaland

By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, November 28 (Xinhua) – When it comes to black and yellow fans and teammates, there is no doubt that Erling Haaland is football’s best striker.

Given his performance, there do not seem to be any limits for the Norwegian. Records follow records. Now the 21-year-old was the first player to score 50 goals in his first 50 national league matches.

It’s more than a bold guess, a local vote around Dortmund would make the blonde spearhead the winner of this year’s Ballon d’Or.

Although it will most likely not be the Dortmund striker who is rewarded as the best footballer this Monday, but his current club and its supporters do not mind.

More than ever, he is seen as a mysterious healer, who revives a club that has to deal with the disappointment of an early group exit in the Champions League.

Three days after the setback, the site has come back to life in a miracle-like way. The news of his return after a six-week injury break spread like wildfire.

Fans and players, before drowning in agony, turned into an enthusiastic group. Teammates, fans and the coaching staff are overwhelmingly pleased with the striker’s earthly contribution.

Over time, the Scandinavian forward has changed things from hopeless to promising ahead of the duel against Bayern next weekend. All of a sudden, Dortmund seems to feel the change in happiness in the air.

Being thrown out of the Champions League does not hurt as much as before. The chance arises to surpass the Bavarian rival when it comes to the season’s national title.

Marco Rose called him a phenomenon. “Not having him around affects you as a team. Things turn around with him on the pitch,” said the Dortmund coach.

The club seems to have agreed to drop its goal machine after this season. Instead, it seems common sense to take advantage of his skills for as long as possible.

Winning the national title will make the striker an eternal hero.

No surprise that midfielder Julian Brandt called Haaland a game changer. “He gives us energy,” Rose added.

The clubs’ fatal dependence on their forward is seen as a blessing in spite and not as a disadvantage. To keep hope alive, three points are needed at home next Saturday when Borussia crosses swords with Bayern.

The 2020 treble winner who must replace Joshua Kimmich provides the unexpected opportunity to return to happiness.

But enjoying a second chance can trigger false emotions. Dortmund only turns into a serious challenger when the shaky team follows in the footsteps of his leader.

Just trusting Haaland can cause the next depression for the blacks and yellows. As much as the Norwegian electrifies his entire club, football remains a team sport.

Haaland’s 50 goals (40 left foot, 6 right and 4 heats) can be a trigger point. If things fail, they can be a burden at the same time. Getting the chance to win the national title seems to be a unique issue. At the same time, it is a clear deal that the healer is leaving after this season.

The chance does not come again when the healer is gone.






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