Local Round-Up: Just one man among Copenhagen Municipality’s seven mayors

The Unity List will receive two mayors in the next administration at the City of Copenhagen – a reward for getting the most votes in the local elections on 16 November.

The mayoral seat was never realistically at stake as the far left would fight to form the necessary majority – to leave Sophie Hæstorp Andersen free to continue the uninterrupted interaction with the mayors of the Social Democrats – but there was still a certain curiosity about which mayoral departments were needed.

Leading candidate Line Barfod is the new mayor of technology and environment that replaces outgoing Enhedslisten colleague Nina Hedeager Olsen, and secondary candidate Karina Vestergård Madsen is the new social mayor, who replaces Mia Nyegaard (Radicals), who will be the new mayor of culture and leisure instead of Franciska Rosenkilde (The Alternative).

The revolving door

The same continues, but in the same departments, the mayor of health and the mayor of employment and integration are: Sisse Marie Welling (SF) and Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard (Venstre).

The Social Democrats’ duo Lars Weiss (mayor) and Jesper Christensen (children and young people) have retired and left the door open for Andersen and Jakob Næsager (Conservative).

This means that the overall composition has changed as the blue bloc has increased its representation from one to two mayors.

Women in charge

In addition, six of the seven mayors are now women, and the same is 31 out of the 55 elected city council members.

The trend can also be seen in Frederiksberg, where for the first time in the history of the enclave there are more female city council members than men: 15 out of 29.

Prominent American street musician Yul Anderson has died at the age of 63
Yul Anderson, the American musician who settled in Copenhagen in 1983, has died at the age of 63. He was a distinguished musician who specialized in gospel, blues and soul, but in addition to performing with concerts and writing his own music , also enjoyed playing on the street.
ONE regularly on CPH POST’s notice page this year said goodbye, his love of street music is credited with transforming Købmagergade. He told famous media that he did it out of his love of music, not money. As a bridge builder through music, he was aptly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

Vestegnen’s burglary figures plummet
That The burglary rate at Vestegnen plummeted by 25 percent during the first nine months of 2021, according to the police in Copenhagen’s western suburbs. The decrease corresponded to 363 fewer households being committed burglary.

New clip for former hairdressing school
Extensive renovation work is being carried out on a building on Glentevej in the northwest near Nørrebro Station, formerly home to Copenhagen’s hairdressing school. When completed, the 10,386 sqm property will be available for rent, according to renovators Jönsson.

Hard fire in pet store
A large fire broke out last week in the pet store Maxi Zoo on Gammel Køge Landevej in Valby. One person was treated for smoke inhalation and the building suffered extensive damage. Gammel Køge Landevej was blocked due to the long time it took to put out the fire.

See you then, crocodile
Customs officers got a huge surprise at Copenhagen Airport when they recently inspected a package. Not only did a nice number of insects crawl out, but they also spotted two crocodile heads, along with several dried fish heads.

Violent gang confrontation leads to new visitation zones
Copenhagen police are introducing two visitation zones to stem an escalating conflict in the gang environment. One will be located in Brønshøj, and the other includes parts of Nørrebro, Nordvest and Ydre Østerbro.

New monument celebrates life Østerbro poet
The Danish poet Inger Christensen is honored with a monument on Hjalmar Brantings Plads by Østre Anlæg park in Østerbro – just a stone’s throw away from where he lived for more than 30 years. The Danish artist Kaare Golles made the monument.

Rebranded Netto opens on Godthåbsvej in Vanløse
A renovated Netto has opened at Godthåbsvej 195 in Vanløse, and is launching a new concept for the supermarket: special focus on fruit and vegetables.

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