Monday’s newspapers: Finland’s Omicron worries, slow boosters and Covid at sea

Breakthrough covid infections in fully vaccinated people are currently more common in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Turku than seasonal influenza. Helsingin sanomat newspaper. These infections have been mild – characterized by headaches and a nose, HS said.

On Sunday, Finland imposed entry restrictions on people arriving from South Africa.

When Omicron triggers alarms, Evening paper in the meantime, examine the gap between government and expert organizations.

Referring to government sources, IL claims that the Institute of Public Health THL and the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (Krar) have not responded to the administration’s request to speed up the distribution of third doses of Covid to adults under 60 years of age.

The article reviews a vaccine expert Hanna Nohy. An unnamed source claims that believing in the herd’s immunity, Nohynek has not wanted to speed up the effects, although additional vaccines have been available in other countries.

The government announced in mid-October that Finland would have 2.6 million extra doses to cover the third vaccine this year. This means that the decision not to extend the third dose is not dependent on the lack of vaccines, according to IL.

The magazine also points out that a one-month-old study of Pfizer-Biontech in 10,000 people showed that 109 people had Covid disease after two doses, while the same applies to five people who had received three vaccinations.

Last week, the director of the EU Public Health Agency said booster vaccines should be considered for all adults, with priority given to those over 40 years of age. However, the IL reports that the government wants its health organizations to follow European guidelines rather than question them.

Krar will meet on Wednesday to discuss offering a third dose to those under 60 years of age.

Sea tourism

Hufvudstadsbladet Meanwhile, the ferry company Tallink Silja is starting to demand Covid tickets from passengers departing from Stockholm.

However, according to HBL, a pass is not mandatory for passengers boarding ships in the Gulf on the Finnish side, as the current Covid restrictions do not apply to the ferry industry.

The passenger shipping company said it carried about 10 million passengers a year before the pandemic.

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