The University of Tampere is laying off more than 100 people

The University of Tampere announced on Monday that 107 employees will be laid off after the end of the co-operation negotiations with employee representatives.

The university said in a statement that the workers concerned could choose a redundancy package if they so wished and would also be offered adjustment support.

About 39 people had already opted for the redundancy package after the announcement of the September co-operation negotiations, which affected the total number of people who lost their jobs. At the same time, 27 people approved a voluntary pension package.

According to the university, as a result of negotiations for financial and operational reasons, the university will be offered new support service positions to 81 people, including jobs in the administrative, library and IT sectors.

The university said it plans to outsource some of its financial, payroll, sales invoicing and travel administration services to Certia from next year. The change affected 46 employees.

Initially, up to 200 people resigned as the university sought to save € 14 million a year, and negotiations involved a total of 1,100 employees.

The university added that some support service roles may change significantly as a result of the negotiations.

Source: The Nordic Page





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