Yle: Finns involved in the setbacks of migrants

According to Yle’s Swedish Language Investigation Unit, Finnish guards working with the EU’s border agency Frontex were involved in pushing practices in which migrants were deported illegally at the EU’s external borders.

Frontex’s mission is to safeguard human rights at the EU’s borders. However, whistleblowers and human rights groups claim the agency is involved in operations aimed at deporting thousands of migrants trying to reach the bloc.

Yle’s investigation found two border cases involving Finnish border guards.

The first case dates back to September 2016 on the Hungarian-Serbian border, when a dog – which was with a Finnish border guard who was part of the Hungarian patrol – was biting a woman. The woman’s injuries required her to be hospitalized, and according to an internal Frontex report, the recovery took eight days. The woman was not allowed to seek asylum in Hungary, but was sent to the Serbian side of the border.

The Helsinki Committee for the Monitoring of Human Rights in Hungary said that Hungary had deported 72,000 people in the last five years. The name of the group is a reference to the 1975 OSCE meeting in Helsinki.

Another incident involving Finns took place in the Aegean Sea in March last year, where a Finnish man from the Frontex Coast Guard stopped a migrant ship before it reached the Greek coast. In accordance with the Frontex protocol, the Greek Coast Guard took power, asking the Finns to leave.

Peter VuorensolaThe inspector of the international unit of the Border Guard confirmed that the incident took place at sea.

The EU agency has denied its involvement in combating migrants. Yle has requested access to Frontex case reports on Finns since 2010. Three weeks later, the agency replied that there were three such notices, but only one of them remained unsealed.

However, based on several other sources, Yle has revealed the details of the two cases described.

As Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo (Green) said he had not heard of any cases involving Finns, he pointed out that such cases should be dealt with in court.

Earlier this autumn, Ohisalo told Yle that Finnish border guards must comply with both Finnish and EU laws.

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