Six reasons why you should invest in Helsinki

Helsinki is known for developing urban solutions in cooperation with companies, research institutes and residents. Helsinki is characterized by the development of solutions in cooperation with companies, research institutes and citizens. Still wondering why the capital of the happiest country in the world is the right place to be? Read below 6 reasons why you should invest in Helsinki and Finland.

1. Excellent financial potential and business environment

Helsinki is one of the most attractive investment destinations in Europe. The Financial Times publication fDi Intelligence rewarded Helsinki and the entire Helsinki metropolitan area for the economic potential of their class. The Global Innovation Index 2020 was ranked first in Finland for the third year in a row in the business environment. According to detailed indicators, the index ranks among the 131 economies. The Helsinki real estate market is the fifth most dynamic in the world, after Silicon Valley, Frankfurt, Berlin and Boston.

2. Infrastructure that is safe, reliable and productive

Finland has a stable and predictable economic and political environment. Finland has been the title of the most stable country in the world for almost a decade and is also the third least corrupt country in the world. Helsinki is unpredictable, but it never surprises. There is a strong sense of community and inclusion in this community.

3. A thriving startup ecosystem

Helsinki the value of the startup ecosystem has tripled from 2015 onwards, making it a huge challenge for large global hotspots in terms of growth in venture capital investment and per capita venture capital. Finland also receives the largest private equity financing in Europe relative to GDP. Unicorns like Wolt, Supercell and Aiven currently dominate the startup value, but smaller startups are catching up fast. If you want to invest in more expensive companies but don’t have the funds, you can visit a comparison site.

4. It acts as a crossroads between East and West

Helsinki acts as a hub for other EU markets and the rest of the world. The Finnish capital is strategically advantageous because it is part of the Nordic countries, which borders Russia, is close to the Baltic market and has an 8-hour flight to both Beijing and New York. Regular direct flights around the world ensure you stay connected to every point of your business.

5. It is a family friendly environment

Helsinki is a city that appeals to families. Everyday life in this city is straightforward. Helsinki is simple, compact and safe. Kids can walk to school with their friends, and you can walk home after dinner at the restaurant. Helsinki’s public schools and kindergartens are the best in the world. We Helsinki believe that every child, regardless of their parents’ wealth or connections, must be able to grow into the best version of themselves and that every adult must be able to reconcile work and family life, rely on public health care and live in a modern, well-functioning society. Helsinki was also named the world’s best family city in 2020 experts looked at 150 cities and 16 features such as paid parental leave, high-quality education, health care, employment rates and overall affordability.

6. The happiest city in the world

Finland is constantly the happiest country in the world, and when comparing cities Helsinki is number one. A safe haven in a world where there is no need to worry about the essentials of life and where you can live without anxiety, stress or depression is the key to happiness. Many features of Finnish society, such as perceived security, trust in the police and authorities, and a welfare state that reduces stress levels, contribute to a positive general environment in society.

After weighing all the information we provide, you can decide whether Finland is the best investment destination. It is worthwhile, as the statistics and outlook show enormous potential.

Source: The Nordic Page





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