The University of Tampere will lay off 107 people from support services

University of Tampere on Monday reported that 39 employees have resigned or retired since the start of negotiations, while 27 people accepted the pension package struck in the negotiations. 46 more people will be transferred to Certia, which serves the universities in Joensuu and Vaasa.

The number of employees who will not be offered new posts is 107.

The final conclusions of the process, including revisions to existing positions, will be communicated to employees on December 17th.

The University of Tampere has stated that its operating result has been stable at a loss in each of its three years of operation, with personnel costs being the most important cost item. On the other hand, the employees’ representatives have stated that the operating balance sheet has been good and the financial statements profitable because the employer has not provided any financial or operational reasons for the dismissal target.

Sinikka Torkkola, Chief Shop Steward of the Public Sector Consultative Organization (Juko), told me STT and Helsingin Sanomat stated that the adjustment could have been implemented in a controlled manner without structural redundancies.

Staff representatives warned that the redundancies could undermine the university’s core functions – research and teaching – and thus undermine funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The negotiations did not reveal how the responsibilities of the laid-off workers would be handled in the future.

They also expressed concern about the growing workload of the remaining support staff.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page





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