Not exactly long-john weather, but never say never: the only sure prediction is that the weather forecast will keep changing

Not exactly long-john weather, but never say never: the only sure prediction is that the weather forecast will keep changing

Rain, sleet, snow, often depending on how cold it is; the wind often changes direction. It mostly comes from west to Saturday afternoon, and then in the opposite direction until the end of Sunday – and that’s only for the next three days.

No wonder the weather forecast changes every hour. Just a day ago, an entire week of ice days was predicted – where the thermometer does not exceed zero for 24 hours – but now it seems that the icy weather will only be with us for 36 hours from Sunday night.

But tomorrow morning, this forecast may turn around completely. Sometimes meteorology is simply impossible.

Week with ice days looks unlikely
So no, you can store the langjohns for a while yet, along with the ridiculously expensive snow boots that seemed like a good idea at the time, but which have only been used once since 2016.

Instead, have an umbrella on hand as icy rain will wash away all the snow, starting around noon. 15:00.

When the evening sets in, it will do its best to mimic snow, but it’s just not cold enough.

Cozy evening at IKEA
This was not the case in Aalborg on Wednesday night, when a certain Swedish furniture company created its best publicity for years.

Young children, tired shoppers, weirdos with fetishes we do not want to go into and narcolepsy sufferers have no doubt had fantasies about calling it a day at IKEA and jumping down for the night – the killer is often Circuit 3, conversely getting sick -advised shortcuts, in search of the chair that has grown on mom the more she thinks about it.

And those fantasies came true for about 30 people in the store in Aalborg, who were stranded when the store closed its doors. Six members of the public and 20-25 employees went to bed for the night, but not before being spoiled with food from the canteen, including risalamande for dessert.

Store manager Peter Elmose told Ekstra Bladet: “People could choose exactly the bed they always wanted to try.”

Not quite the Beast from the East
The snow that fell on Wednesday night reached almost 5 cm in the capital, but in other parts of the country – especially the west coast of Jutland, which had a level 2 weather forecast – it was the largest amount that has fallen over Denmark since d. Beist from the East in February 2018.

The driving conditions have understandably been treacherous since the snowstorm, which disrupted public transport and even saw some trees and power cables fall down.

In total, an estimated 30 cm fell on the region

Source: The Nordic Page




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