The Coalition Party is at the forefront of Yle’s provincial elections

The Coalition Party is at the forefront of Yle's provincial elections

Opposition party at the forefront of the Coalition Party in Yle’s first provincial election survey. The party that won the previous municipal election received 21.8 percent support in this recent poll.

The NCP’s result is slightly better than last summer’s municipal election, when the party received 21.4 percent of the vote.

The result of the municipal elections is not directly comparable to the provincial elections, because the people of Helsinki also participated in the municipal elections, but do not participate in these elections.

According to the research director Tuomo Turja NCP, a survey company for economic research, has a good starting position in the January elections.

"In this poll, the party is clearly number one and has loyal voters. The NCP is confident that they will maintain this support in the election, which cannot be said of all other parties." said Turja.

Provincial elections will be held for the first time in January. Based on the survey, it appears that strong provincial parties, such as the Center, are doing well in the election.

The Social Democrats are rising to second place

prime minister Sanna MarinThe SDP ranks second with 18.9 percent.

The SDP says its candidate lists have a lot of healthcare staff.

In the provincial elections, decisions concerning social and health care are transferred from the municipalities to the welfare services. Administrative reform is huge, but in the eyes of the people it may still seem a long way off.

"These are new elections, and we are in somewhat unknown waters. The SDP is a strong municipal party and the support of just over 18 per cent is by no means surprising. The party has strong regional support," said Turja.

Can Basic Finns get their supporters involved?

The provincial elections are the opposition The first elections for basic Finns under a new presidency Riikka Purra at the helm. The party ranked third in the survey with 17.6 percent.

The support of basic Finns in the last municipal elections was 14.5 per cent. The party’s biggest problem was that many voters did not vote on election day.

Now the party has more than 1,500 candidates on its lists and it started campaigning before Christmas.

"It is very important for basic Finns to get their supporters moving. Their support for the poll is good, but whether it will be a different matter." Turja said.

The election arrangements were reflected in the support of the Center Party

In the provincial elections, decision-makers are elected for 21 welfare service provinces. Provincial associations are responsible for social, health and rescue services.

In Helsinki, the city will continue to be responsible for its social and health services, so those living in the capital will not vote in the election. This weakens the position of the popular Greens in the metropolitan area and strengthens the position of the center as a strong base in smaller cities.

In Yle’s first provincial election survey, the Center received 15.3 percent support, compared to 14.9 in last summer’s municipal elections. In the last parliamentary elections, the Center received 13.8 percent of the vote.

The Left Alliance ignores the Greens

The election seems to be a struggle for the Greens. This is reflected in the poll: the Left Alliance has overtaken the Greens by 8.1 per cent.

The support for the Greens was 7.6 per cent. The Greens received 10.6 per cent of the vote in last summer’s municipal elections.

"The fact that Helsinki will not participate in the provincial elections will certainly be reflected in the result." Turja estimates.

Regional elections remain a major problem for many citizens, who are likely to vote based on the party’s impression at the national level.

"Voters are still a little confused about what to decide, and the campaigning has only just begun," said Turja.

Regional elections will be held on 23 January. Before election day, Yle will publish a second provincial election poll.

Source: The Nordic Page

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