Parliament approved a bill on compulsory vaccinations in social and health care

Parliament approved a bill on compulsory vaccinations in social and health care

Jari Ronkainen (PS) stated that the bill should be rejected.

“This proposal is a lemon at birth. It doesn’t solve one thing, but it creates a false impression and a sense of security and exacerbates the shortage of nursing staff,” he said. quoted as saying In the Parliament House by BTI.

Päivi Räsänen, the chairman of the Christian Democrat parliamentary group, argued that the proposal was poorly worded and warned that a “vaccine mandate” could have negative effects on the social climate. He also expressed concern that the proposal could speed up the flight of workers from an already labor shortage.

Instead, the Christian Democrats expressed support for easier use of rapid tests for employees and visitors to social and health care facilities.

“We have all certainly received a lot of messages from health professionals who have said they will leave their jobs if this bill is passed. I hope it will be kept to a minimum because the situation is really critical.

Kai MykkänenThe chairman of the Coalition Parliamentary Group said the opposition party supported the proposal on the grounds that it should ensure the functioning of the health care system in the coming weeks. He stressed that rapid tests are not a substitute for vaccinations.

“We need to increase the use of vaccines among healthcare professionals. Therefore, the bill on the agenda, as difficult as it is, can be accepted,” he said.

The Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs unanimously considered that there were no constitutional obstacles to the adoption of the law.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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