Transform your career and become the leader, our future needs with an MBA program from Copenhagen Business School

Transform your career and become the leader, our future needs with an MBA program from Copenhagen Business School

Central to living in the Danish capital is sustainability, and this year Copenhagen Business School (CBS) celebrates ten years of teaching sustainability and responsible leadership across its three world-renowned MBA programs: Full-Time MBA (aka Copenhagen MBA), Executive MBA (EMBA) and Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (aka Blue MBA).

These programs emphasize the best of Scandinavian business practices. Sustainability is not just something that is talked about, but an ethos that is deeply rooted in Nordic society, which over the years has become central to education.

CBS sees it as its duty to create a more sustainable future, and there is no better place to learn about it than in a green, innovative and progressive city like Copenhagen.

Among the best in the world
After its founding in 1917, CBS quickly developed into an urban institution with excellent educational quality.

Just 168 students showed up the first day with prospects for the future, which was understandably subdued by the ongoing war in France. Today, 23,000 make up its body, of which over 4,000 are international, along with 1,500 top-level faculty members.

CBS is not just an educational institution; its research and development has helped to develop Denmark to the extent that the school is found in the national fabric.

Globally honored as one of Northern Europe’s largest and best business schools, its full-time MBA program is ranked in the top 20 in Europe by Bloomberg Businessweek and among the top 30 MBAs offered at European business schools, according to 2021 Financial Times European Business School Ranking.

In addition, only 1 percent of business schools worldwide can match the triple accreditation of CBS MBA programs from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

Learning through diversity
Enrolling in one of CBS’s MBA programs will provide you with qualifications that are respected across the globe and help you build a bridge to a more fulfilling career.

Such a move is challenging and often disruptive, but through the introspection and reflection that follows, you will mature into one of the world-class business leaders that CBS produces with such regularity.

In conscious-small classes led by CBS ‘world-class teaching staff, you will have time to shine and explore your understanding along with the opportunity to express your opinions in a supportive community.

Group work in teams of participants selected to ensure diversity, each with different strengths, is the norm when you contextualize course materials through your work experiences.

The educations bring together both talented young and mature professionals from different backgrounds, industries and nationalities. Not only does this diversity give you truly global networking opportunities – among peers and with potential employers – but it challenges you to radically improve your collaboration skills.

Sustainability as the main focus
As a participant in the CBS Full-Time MBA, you will gain critical insight into the admired Scandinavian business model, which is proud of its ethical decision-making, social responsibility and green agenda.

“Business as usual is no longer a viable option. As the world around us changes rapidly, an increasing number of people are looking for new ways of doing business, ”claims Dr. Andreas Rasche, full-time MBA Associate Dean.

“Business sustainability is becoming part of mainstream business thinking, and students need to be able to understand its power to create positive change.”

The goal of all three programs is not just to produce business leaders, but to a large extent the leaders that our future needs.

“The Copenhagen MBA integrates the principles of corporate sustainability smoothly into its curriculum,” excites 2020-educated Basabdutta Bose, who moved to Copenhagen from India to enroll in a full-time MBA. Today, she is the contract manager at Cadeler in the renewable energy and offshore wind sector.

“I have met various companies that are pioneers for sustainability in Denmark, and it gave me great insight into how the concepts go from theory to practice. I appreciate this opportunity to experience the applicability of corporate sustainability in practice. ”

The next full-time MBA program starts in October 2022.

Customizing the MBA and EMBA journey
When you enroll in the full-time MBA or Executive MBA, you will have the opportunity to refine your journey by choosing to specialize in digitization, entrepreneurship, management and sustainability or economics. While the full-time MBA is a one-year full-time program, the Executive MBA includes your work schedule with 4 to 7-day modules each month that span 21 to 25 months. The design of EMBA allows you to influence your organization from the start of the program.

“The CBS EMBA program is a multidimensional journey, designed to gradually expand your competencies and gain a deep understanding of your own organization,” promises Jesper Rangvid, Executive MBA Associate Dean.

“You will learn how to successfully develop and lead an innovative organization within its strategic domain.”

The next Executive MBA admissions are in May and September 2022.

Excellence in shipping and logistics
The Blue MBA is designed for high-potential global shipping executives.

It prepares you for a top-level working life of international business administration that faces the challenges of globalization, increased competition and endless technological change in the industry. The core of the program is an emphasis on decarbonisation of shipping.

The next admission is in September 2023.

Driving change
The end result for all participants is an admirable global perspective, a valuable international network for the future and highly regarded business expertise to create positive change for a more sustainable future.

To learn more about the programs and upcoming deadlines – click here.

Source: The Nordic Page

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