The prevalence of Covid-19 cases is straining health care in Uusimaa

The prevalence of Covid-19 cases is straining health care in Uusimaa

Uusimaa accounted for about half (2,724) of the nearly 5,500 new coronavirus infections reported in Finland on Tuesday, According to YLE. Nearly one-third of the coronavirus tests performed in the hospital district are currently positive, and the omicron variant is believed to cause up to 90 percent of laboratory-confirmed cases.

The large number of cases has increased the demand for both primary and specialist care, caused congestion and forced priority in several units.

HUS said in a press release on Tuesday that the highly contagious omicron is creating a whole new epidemiological situation.

“The continuing increase in infections and exposure threatens the core functions of society if a large proportion of health care or other critical sector personnel are out of the workplace,” he stressed. Veli-Matti Ulander, Acting Chief Medical Officer at HUS.

The district’s testing capacity – about 7,000 nasopharyngeal samples per day – is no longer enough to verify even the most urgent suspected cases, leading to long waiting times in test queues. HUS therefore demands that the testing, tracing and quarantine criteria be re-examined.

Asko Järvinen, Chief Medical Officer of Infectious Diseases, HUS, Tuesday told me According to Helsingin Sanomat, quarantine is not currently an effective way to manage the epidemic due to congestion in testing and tracing.

“Now the call doesn’t come right away or the call only comes after the official quarantine period, meaning it’s not preventing infections, it’s for compensation,” he said.

“Quarantine regulations are simply issued too late. It could be said that it is not so much about quarantining people as it is about quarantining people. People should now be able to quarantine themselves and contact their contacts as soon as respiratory symptoms occur so that the chains of infection can be broken.

The city of Helsinki has the same thing reported that coronavirus infections have caused congestion in its health centers and home care services. In a non-urgent case, it is advised to wait for relief from the epidemiological situation before contacting health centers.

The Finnish capital strives to secure all urgent and necessary care and to fill all existing appointments, although staff absences may eventually lead to cancellations or postponements. Home care visits should also be shortened or rescheduled.

Due to testing congestion, locals who have received two injections or recovered from coronavirus disease are advised not to reserve test time. According to the City of Helsinki, the results of self-examinations also do not need to be checked in a laboratory.

The size of the role of testing and tracing authorities has also been recognized elsewhere.

Minister of Family and Social Affairs Krista Kiuru (SDP) on Tuesday told me MTV News that the Defense Forces are being asked to help municipalities and hospital districts with tests, tracking and vaccinations.

According to the newsletter, the requested contribution corresponds to the contribution of about 5,000 employees in two months.

The Department of Health and Welfare (THL), for its part, is considering whether the quarantine period should be reconsidered so that the omicron variant does not burden critical social functions. According to Helsingin Sanomat.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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