Yle’s poll: SDP’s jumping Finns, NCP is still the most popular party

Yle's poll: SDP's jumping Finns, NCP is still the most popular party

The Opposition Party (NKP) is still Finland’s most popular party, according to Yle’s latest monthly voter survey, but Petteri Orpoled by the party has fallen since last month.

NCP voter support fell 1.2 percentage points from the December poll, leaving the party at 20.6 percent.

A recent study also supported the prime minister Sanna MarinThe SDP rose 0.6 percentage points as the ruling party jumped to second place in the opposition party.

The SDP’s support is now 18.9 per cent, while the mood of basic Finnish voters fell by 0.4 percentage points. Riikka Purraparty by 18.3 percent.

"The situation has remained fairly stable throughout the autumn," Research Director Tuomo Turja The survey company of the Economic Survey told Yle. "The NCP is by far the most popular party, and the SDP and the Finns are fighting a tough second place."

This latest survey measures support for the parliamentary elections and is thus comparable to the polls of the previous six months.

Yle also published a separate poll on the upcoming provincial election at the end of December, which the NCP also reached.

Finland’s first provincial or provincial elections will be held on Sunday, January 23, and Yle will publish a poll measuring the support of the other party before polling day.

NCP support has fallen the most

NCP’s lead over the second-ranked SDP is now only 1.7 percentage points, a significant decrease from the 3.5 percentage point difference at the end of 2021.

Despite NCP retaining the top spot in the latest poll, NCP support fell the most. However, according to Turja, no big conclusions can be drawn from the apparent collapse of voter support, as the NKP has remained in the 20-21 percent support area since the June municipal elections.

However, the party’s support has clearly decreased among men and the countryside, Turja added, but the changes are clearly within the error margin of the survey.

Support for the center and the Greens is stable

Center headed by the Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko, is in fourth place in the latest poll, with voter support for the party remaining exactly the same as in the December poll, at 12.5 per cent.

In support of the downtown coalition partner, Green held strong this month after a sharp drop in support in December. Under the temporary control of the party Iiris Suomela Meanwhile Maria Ohisalo is on parental leave – is now on 10% subsidy.

"Support for the Greens has remained close to 10%. It remains to be seen in which direction it will follow in the next election," Turja said.

The support of the Left Alliance also remained almost unchanged from the previous poll, with the party falling by only 0.2 percentage points to 8 per cent of voters.

Supporting small parties

Of the small parties, the Swedish People’s Party now has 3.8 per cent support, 0.8 percentage points less than in the previous poll, while the opposition Democrats are 3.2 per cent and Movement Now 2.1 per cent.

Turja also said that the support of parties in the other category had doubled, rising by 1.3 percentage points to 2.6 per cent in the last election period.

"About a third are Pirate Party voters and about a tenth say they vote for a feminist party or VKK [Power belongs to the people]," he said.

Power belongs to the People (VKK), ie Power belongs to the people, is the party of deputies Ano Turtiainen, which was separated from Basic Finns last year.

"VKK does not seem to be a significant factor here, although support for the “other” category is on the rise." Turja said.

Source: The Nordic Page

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