Finland announces the opening rounds of the Eurovision Song Contest

Finland announces the opening rounds of the Eurovision Song Contest

Finland’s participation in the 2022 Eurovision Somng Contest is one of the seven candidates announced by the Contest for New Music (Finnish abbreviation UMK) on Wednesday.

The UMK panel of experts set up by Yle selected seven of the 312 proposals with both well-known names and new talent.

The competition is Finland’s national opening round for the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Turin this year.

The finalists are as follows:

Cyan kicksHurricane

BessRam pam pam

The RasmusJezebel

The heart of youthSun number

OliveraThank God I am an atheist

Tommi LäntinenLife carries me

Isaac SeneHot ice

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UMK22 finalists: Top Left Olivera, The Rasmus, Isaac Sene and Bess. Bottom left to right Cyan Kicks, Tommi Läntinen and Younghearted.Nelli Kenttä / Milla Määttä / General

By Kati Wikström, Chairman of the Eurovision Song Contest Fan Club, interest in the Eurovision Song Contest and Finnish hotspots has grown significantly over the past year. One reason is the international success of last year’s winner, Måneskin.

"It can be said that we are experiencing Eurovision madness. This is reflected in the fact that the membership of our Eurovision fan club has grown dramatically. The same has been observed in fan clubs in other countries. Fans are also getting younger," Wikström told Yle.

Although the names of the contestants have now been released, the songs are still a mystery. Each competition entry will be published individually starting on Thursday.

The nationwide selection event will be broadcast live on Saturday, February 26 at 9 p.m. Fans can watch the final on Yle TV1 and Yle Areena, as well as on Yle Radio Finland and Yle X3M radio channels.

You can vote for your favorite candidate during the show as long as you have registered for Yle ID here.

Source: The Nordic Page




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