Fourth vaccination sticks are offered to particularly vulnerable groups, the health authority confirms

Fourth vaccination sticks are offered to particularly vulnerable groups, the health authority confirms

Just hours after the government decided that cinemas, theaters and many other venues will be able to reopen on Sunday, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke confirmed that a fourth vaccination stick will soon be offered to particularly vulnerable groups.

Employment will begin later this week or early next week, but it is believed that the elderly will not be given priority, despite a recent increase in mortality in nursing homes.

In total, 25 more corona-related deaths were confirmed yesterday – the highest daily figure in a while.

According to the head of the National Board of Health, Søren Brostrøm, the nursing home residents are well protected by the third sting.

Other sources claim that the booster loses its effect against Omicron after only three months.

Reopens as expected
Yesterday, as expected, the government followed the recommendations of the experts in the field Epidemic Commission.

So the nightlife will remain closed and the current restrictions on alcohol sales (not allowed 22: 00-05: 00) and opening hours for restaurants and bars (must close at 23:00) will continue.

But cinemas, theaters, zoos, aquariums, theme parks, indoor sporting events with tickets, vocational colleges, museums, art galleries, concert venues and conference and lecture venues can reopen with more restrictions in most cases.

Corona passports and reserved seats on regional trains will continue to be needed until 31 January, while face masks will be required on all public transport.

And from Sunday, coronapas will only be valid for five months after the second jab.

In other corona news:

– Dansk Industri would like the corona passport to be returned to those recently affected just seven days after the infection has been confirmed, as the country risks keeping able-bodied workers at home at a time when they are badly needed.

– The Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s head Brostrøm has told the media that there is no doubt that Omicron is less harmful than Delta and results in shorter hospital stays.

– Compensation packages will be offered to cultural venues if they decide that Sunday is too early to reopen or are unaware due to restrictions on capacity limits.

About 429,600 Moderna vaccines donated by Denmark to Lebanon arrived on Wednesday.

– About 24,343 fresh corona cases were confirmed yesterday, while the number of inpatients fell by three to 751. About 1,614 of the cases were re-infections.

– More than 1 million infections have now been registered in Denmark.

Source: The Nordic Page

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