Timed circadian rhythms

Timed circadian rhythms

Maybe it’s time to stop staring blindly at what we eat and how we exercise and instead think about when?
Timing is more important than you think in order to stay healthy and healthy and iron out the body’s functions, in accordance with the internal clock.

The internal biological clock affects all our cells and the knowledge about it can also help us understand more about various diseases and treatments.
Cell division can differ over the hours of the day and in this way you can adapt, for example, cancer treatment to when it gives the best effect and least side effects.
The research area is called chronopharmacology and is fairly new.

– The circadian rhythm regulates all our genes. At a certain time, the drug may not have any effect because we have too little or too much of a certain gene activity, for example, says Andrea Carmene Belin, researcher at the Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet. She is researching Horton’s headache and is investigating whether it could be treated better if the medicine is given at an individualized time of day.

Guests in the program: Satchin Panda, professor of chronobiology, Johan Axelsson, professor at the Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University, Kerstin Brismar, professor of diabetes research at Karolinska Institutet.

The host is Ulrika Hjalmarson Neideman.
Producer Clara Lowden.





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