Locked-in princesses – the scandals in the Middle East royal house

Locked-in princesses - the scandals in the Middle East royal house

Princess Latifa in Dubai made a dramatic escape attempt on a jet ski but was forcibly returned to the country. She started smuggling out secret videos about her being held captive by her family. Some time later, Princess Haya, who was married to Latifa’s father, escaped. At the center of the accusations is Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and one of the world’s richest royalty. After the divorce, the emir has been forced to pay huge sums to his ex-wife, Olympic rider Princess Haya, who claims that she feared for her and the children’s lives. Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum claims that the princess was unfaithful and wrote the poem “you lived, you died” which was perceived as a threat to Princess Haya.

The Jordanian prince releases recording

In Jordan, Prince Hamza published a video in the spring of 2021 in which he accused his half-brother King Abdullah of having placed him under house arrest in the palace. It was alleged that Hamza had tried to organize a coup with the help of Saudi Arabia.

The ruler of Saudi Arabia is maneuvering out his cousin

In Saudi Arabia, the current Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman opposed his elder cousin Mohammed bin Nayef from power in degrading ways. Shortly afterwards, the older cousin was forced to swear allegiance to the country’s ruler Mohammed bin Salman in front of rolling TV cameras.

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