Drones over nuclear power plants attract the attention of spy agencies

Drones over nuclear power plants attract the attention of spy agencies

Sweden’s domestic intelligence service investigates drones that were seen hovering near three nuclear power plants last week

The security police confirmed on Monday that they were leading an investigation of drones seen near the country’s three nuclear power plants, with concerns that the country is not prepared for the threat from the antenna devices.

The Swedish police were initially commissioned to investigate the drone observations after they were reported over two places in Forsmark, north of Stockholm, and Oskarshamn, in the southeast.

The security police, known as SAPO, took over the investigation after a third reported observations near the country’s largest nuclear power plant, located in Ringhals on the west coast.

The police were first alerted to the situation on Friday but lost control of the unmanned antenna device. Officials claimed it had been large enough to withstand the strong winds in the area at the time.

“With regard to the cases of drone overflights at three nuclear power plants, the assessment is made that they are of such a nature that preliminary investigations have been taken over from the police authority in order to be able to investigate the incidents in more detail. “, SAPO said in a statement.

The authorities have so far not reported any suspects behind the drone incidents.

Associate professor at the Swedish National Defense College Hans Liwang, quoted by local media, said that the country is not prepared for potential drone threats, because officials “have not really adapted … to today’s reality”.

The Ringhals 2 reactor was closed in 2019 due to maintenance costs and lack of profitability. This followed the closure of two facilities elsewhere in the country, in Agesta and Barseback.


Source: sn.dk




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