Only about one in five students has paid a health care fee – more than 200,000 are still unpaid

Only about one in five students has paid a health care fee - more than 200,000 are still unpaid

A student studying at a traditional university or polytechnic who is entitled to use the services of Student Health Care (FSHS) must pay a health care fee to Kela. To date, about 50,000 students have paid the fee and about 210,000 have not yet paid it.

Kela sent 9.1. in the week ending, a letter to students who, according to Kela, had registered for the spring semester of 2022 but had not yet paid the care fee. The letter reminds the student of the obligation to pay and provides instructions for completing it. The letter is also available on the OmaKela online service. Students who signed up this January may not have received a letter.

The letter will not be sent to students who have paid the fee or who have not registered to participate.

The percentage of the student’s health care fee in 2022 is EUR 35.80 per semester

In 2022, the health care fee for university students is EUR 35.80 per semester. Students will not be charged a fee, but are expected to pay it without requesting it. Students who have not made the payment by 31 January 2022 will receive a reminder from Kela. They will also be charged a late fee of EUR 5.

If the student does not pay the treatment fee after the reminder, Kela may withhold the tuition fee and the late fee without consulting the student. If the health care fee cannot be withheld from tuition fees, it will be sent to the enforcement authority for collection.

The fee finances the health care services of university students. The state finances 77% of the health care costs of college students and the rest, 23%, is financed by a health care fee.

Students can pay the fee for both the spring and fall semesters of 2022 at the same time.

Source: Kela

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