Withdrawn diagnosis – Twenty stolen years

Withdrawn diagnosis - Twenty stolen years

The number of children receiving a neuropsychiatric diagnosis such as ADHD or Asperger’s has increased during the 2000s. But in recent years, a new trend is emerging: more and more people who have been diagnosed as children want the diagnosis written off when they become adults.

– These diagnoses have not helped me in my adult life, they have only ruined. It feels like twenty years of my life have been stolen, says Helena, 33.

The reverse side of the diagnosis

In P1 Documentary miniseries – Revoked diagnosis – we meet the children who have experienced the downsides of growing up with a diagnosis. We hear the researchers who question why we in Sweden put the blame on the children – and who warn of a future scandal.

Reporter: Hedvig Nilsson

Producer: Martin Jönsson

Final mix: Bengt Pettersson

A program series from 2022.





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