Yle’s provincial election: NCP strengthens its leadership, Center challenges SDP second

Yle's provincial election: NCP strengthens its leadership, Center challenges SDP second

Yle’s last vote before Sunday’s council elections shows significant changes in the support of the Center Party and opposition Finns.

The latest investigation also revealed that the former finance minister Petteri OrpoThe opposition party NCP has strengthened its leadership.

Opinion poll Economic research has measured the support for party provincial elections since the end of November. At that time, the biggest difference compared to traditional parliamentary election measurements was the decline in support for the Greens.

This trend has continued in monthly surveys since then, reflecting the fact that the party’s stronghold of Helsinki is not participating in the provincial elections. Since November, party chairman Maria Ohisalo has also been away on maternity leave, which has been replaced by a lesser-known, relatively inexperienced one Iiris Suomela.

The center is aiming for second place with the SDP

The biggest change in the recent survey of support for the provincial elections is the rise of the City Center and the decline of the Basic Finns, said the research director of the Economic Survey. Tuomo Turja.

A new study shows that the Center is the third most popular party, close to the prime minister’s heels Sanna MarinSocial Democratic Party (SDP). The small difference between the support of both parties is clearly within the margin of error of the survey.

According to Turja, the center has succeeded in reclaiming the voters who lost in the 2019 parliamentary elections and last year in the municipal elections.

Supporters of basic Finns are enthusiastic

The result of a recent poll suggests that many supporters of Basic Finns seem to be sitting in the election.

"Our background material shows that of the supporters of the major parties, the supporters of Basic Finns are the most reluctant to go to the polls. And this may indicate that the provincial elections are not necessarily those in which the Basic Finns are at their strongest or at their own strengths." Turja suggested.

Other opposition parties received less than 5 percent support in this study.

About two-thirds of those surveyed expressed the party’s position.

"In general, as elections approach, the proportion of voters clearly increases. It has not been seen this time, which may be a small indication that people are not very enthusiastic about the regional elections," said Turja.

Election Day is Sunday, January 23rd. During the pre-election period that ended on Tuesday, more than a million people voted in advance.

The economic survey interviewed 3,158 people, of whom 2,083 expressed their views. The margin of error is +/- 2.2 percentage points.

Interviews were conducted between December 27 and January 18. There were no Helsinki residents who will not vote in this election.

Source: The Nordic Page

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