Drone observations reported on Swedish nuclear power plants, palaces

Drone observations reported on Swedish nuclear power plants, palaces

STOCKHOLM, Sweden: Sweden’s security service investigates drone observations reported on important Swedish sites, including nuclear power plants.

Observations were reported at three nuclear power plants, as well as over airports and the Royal Palace, but authorities have not speculated on who is responsible.

Local media reported that the police and the coast guard search the sea and the islands around Stockholm.

The latest observations involved a drone above Forsmark’s nuclear power plant, but a safety authority said that they were also investigating previous drone flights near Ringhals and Oskarshamn’s power plants.

The police appealed to the public to provide information.

A security agent said the drones were suspected of “serious unauthorized handling of confidential information”.

Swedish TV reported that a police helicopter followed a drone that flew above it at an altitude of up to 1,000 meters near the capital Stockholm.

According to the news site Aftonbladet, a drone was seen during the weekend circling the Riksdag and the government buildings as well as the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Drones have previously been discovered near the airports in Kiruna and Luleå.

The drone observations come at a time of increased military preparedness in Sweden due to tensions between Russia and the west over the Russian military structure along the border with Ukraine.

Sweden recently deployed troops to the Baltic island of Gotland, which was described by officials as a signal that Sweden’s military forces are ready to defend their territory.

Sweden is not a member of NATO, but said that they responded to three Russian landing ships that moved into the Baltic Sea through Denmark’s Great Belt.

Source: sn.dk

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