YLE: The center wins, the Basic Finns lose their footing before the provincial elections

YLE: The center wins, the Basic Finns lose their footing before the provincial elections

The Coalition Party will remain quite comfortable on the pile with a 22.4 per cent support party at the source of the campaign to run before the elections on Sunday 23 January. The popularity of the Social Democratic Party fell 0.9 points to 18.0 percent, allowing for a fierce battle for second place between it and the center.

“The only and quite clear change here is that support has clearly risen for the Center and decreased for Basic Finns,” summed up Tuomo Turja, Research Director of Economic Research.

According to him, the center owes its recovery to its successful efforts to get back the voters who supported the Basic Finns in the last election.

“At present, the center receives more support from those who have previously supported Basic Finns than the Center loses to Basic Finns. This is a pretty clear change compared to the last couple of years, when the center shed support for Basic Finns.

Basic Finns seem to face the same challenge that has hampered it in the municipal elections: how to get voters to the polls?

“According to our basic data, supporters of Basic Finns are probably the most reluctant of the major parties to vote. Perhaps it is a sign that the provincial election is not where the election is [the party] is at its strongest, ”Turja analyzes.

About two-thirds (2,083) of the 3,158 people interviewed in the poll revealed their party in the provincial election, which is in line with the polls conducted before the next election. The economic survey conducted the survey between December 27 and January 18.

“But on the other hand, there are no indications of the phenomenon that is often seen as elections approach, that the proportion who reveal their position is clearly rising. This poll gives no indication of that, and it could also refer to the theory that the provincial election has at least not got people excited, he said.

Support for the Left Alliance remained unchanged at 8.1 per cent, giving the party a slight advantage over the Green League (7.4 per cent), whose popularity has fallen 0.2 percentage points since December. The Swedish People’s Party rose 1.1 and the Christian Democrats 0.4 points to 5.0 and 3.4 per cent, while Movement Now fell 0.2 points to 1.8 per cent.

The fact that there is no vote in Helsinki clearly affects both the city center and the Green League, the former positively and the latter negatively.

More than a million voters cast their ballots in advance in the provincial elections, according to the Ministry of Justice.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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