Withdrawn diagnosis – The medicine gave me death anxiety

Withdrawn diagnosis - The medicine gave me death anxiety

– It went completely wrong in the head. It was noticed that the medicine did not do what it was supposed to. Because it was not the way I was, says Cassandra, 29, who was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 16.

The number of children receiving a neuropsychiatric diagnosis such as ADHD or Asperger’s has increased during the 2000s. But in recent years, a new trend is emerging: more and more people who have been diagnosed as children want the diagnosis written off when they become adults.

– It’s just bad to have a diagnosis, it feels like. ADHD puts a stop to it, says 23-year-old Josefin in Gävle.

The reverse side of the diagnosis

In P1 Documentary miniseries – Revoked diagnosis – we meet the children who have experienced the downsides of growing up with a diagnosis. We hear the researchers who question why we in Sweden put the blame on the children – and who warn of a future scandal.

Reporter: Hedvig Nilsson

Producer: Martin Jönsson

Final mix: Bengt Pettersson

A program series from 2022.





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