Sweden’s charged relationship with NATO

Sweden's charged relationship with NATO

Swedish troop strengthens on Gotland in the midst of the security policy crisis in Europe. It is a sign that Sweden is ready to protect its own territory. But it is clear that we do not expect to do it all on our own, at least not for a long time.

– Now we have chosen a line where we like to see that we do it together with others, says Jan Törnqvist, former head of operations in the Armed Forces.

Taboo contact

Today, Sweden has extensive defense cooperation with other countries. We co-operate with NATO and others and our capabilities have been adapted so that they can effectively participate in joint efforts.

There are those who claim that Sweden is as close to NATO as possible without being a pronounced member of the defense alliance.

In practice, we are part of the West and have been so throughout the Cold War. Much of what then happened hidden today takes place completely openly, says Mikael Holmström, author and journalist.

The country in the middle

At the same time, the image of Sweden lives on as a country that should not provoke in the minds of many Swedes.

– There is a very strong notion about the concept of neutrality. That Sweden’s neutrality has kept us out of war, says Eva Hagström Frisell, research leader at the Swedish Defense Research Agency, FOI.

Participants: Mikael Holmström, author and journalist, today at Dagens Nyheter, Eva Hagström Frisell, research leader at the Swedish Defense Research Agency, FOI, Jan Törnqvist, former head of operations for the Armed Forces.


Bo Torbjörn Ek, host

Ulrika Bergqvist, Reporter

Per Vallgårda, researcher

Carl-Johan Ulvenäs, producer

Publisher: Nils Eklund

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