APN Podcast: What Can You Do When Mail Loses Your Email?

APN Podcast: What Can You Do When Mail Loses Your Email?

More than half of Finland’s MPs now have seats at all levels of government after the health, social and emergency services council elections on Sunday. Yle’s political journalist Hannu Tikkala told the All Points North podcast that this convergence of power could prove tricky.

"I find that problematic. First, it is about time and resources. If you are a minister or Member of Parliament, where do you find the time to look at the issues they deal with in the provincial councils?

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APN also dives into Finnish divorce drama and follows the listener’s problems with Posti, who have left his mail in the dark. The exhibition also teaches that collecting debris in a pandemic means collecting one lost face mask at a time.

And as the weekend approaches, APN will get a taste of this year’s Helsinki Documentary Film Festival DocPoint, which is coming online for the first time.

"There is a pandemic, but there is also the rise of dictatorship in our neighborhood, populism is growing around the world and an eco-catastrophe, so we have many big questions and it is having an impact. our identity, our beliefs," Kati Juurus, The artistic director of DocPoint, told APN about the composition of the festival.

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Source: The Nordic Page

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