THL recommends that restaurants be open until midnight

THL recommends that restaurants be open until midnight

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has recommended that coronavirus restrictions be relaxed for low-risk restaurants.

These include cafés and staff restaurants, as well as indoor and outdoor dining. Outdoor bars and pubs are classified as moderate-risk environments, while high-risk environments include regular bars and pubs as well as karaoke bars and nightclubs.

According to THL, due to the current situation in Covid-19, opening hours could be extended to 9 pm in areas where the hospital burden is rising. In addition, bars and restaurants may be open until 12 noon in areas where the coronavirus situation is stable or the infection rate is declining.

Ministers have unanimously called for restrictions to be relaxed in Finland. The government is expected to announce its updated coronary virus strategy next week at the latest.

According to THL, bar restrictions should not be lifted yet, as Covid-19 infection and the burden on hospitals are high in much of the country.

However, the Institute pointed out that measures could be phased out in areas where the burden on health is estimated to have decreased.

Restaurants are currently required to stop serving alcohol after 5pm and may be open until 6pm. Bars are allowed to remain open at half capacity, while restaurants, including non-alcoholics such as cafes, are limited to 75% of total customer capacity.

Opening hours are valid until the end of the month.

Problems with your Covid Passport

THL has warned that the re-introduction of the Covid Passport will pose challenges, especially in high-risk environments.

"The full vaccine does not completely prevent humans from becoming infected with the virus, so allowing the use of the Covid passport in high-risk environments would be impractical at this stage, as it would allow significant human interaction and contact," the institute said in a statement.

prime minister Sanna Marin said on Tuesday that the government should speed up the return of low-risk sporting and cultural events with a Covid passport.

THL has recommended certain changes to the Covid passport, including the issuance of the document solely on the basis of vaccination. This means that it would no longer be possible to obtain a passport with a negative Covid-19 test result.

The institute has also suggested that the passport be updated to require at least three doses of Covid-19 vaccine. However, this requirement would be introduced gradually depending on the age group of the holder.

Source: The Nordic Page

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