Just say it like it is: Step out of your comfort job to land your dream job in 2022

Just say it like it is: Step out of your comfort job to land your dream job in 2022

This is the time of year when we set goals.

Last year I signed up for my first mini-triathlon and can honestly say it was one of the biggest moments of my life when I crossed the finish line.

I’m not a natural athlete (old men ride past me), but that medal hangs proudly on my mirror to remind me that it’s good to challenge yourself.

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Completing a triathlon is one thing, but facing a challenge like moving to a new country and trying to establish yourself in a new career is a situation that all my clients face.

For some, it’s a simple transition to a new job, but for others, they may need to reinvent themselves. They all need support to figure out how to communicate what they have to offer and guidance to take the next steps.

I arrived 14 years ago with high expectations for my career, but as someone who did not understand the ‘unwritten’ rules for job search in Denmark, I was buzzing.

Today, I can tell my clients – who sometimes come to me after years of application – that I really understand. Having worked for some amazing organizations since then, I can share my knowledge of the Danish workplace to guide clients in their search for their dream role!

The right way to stand out
The start of the year is a perfect opportunity, as January and February are good months to apply for jobs. How do you get your resume noticed? The main point is to show that you understand the local culture and communicate it in your application.

The Danish workplace has a flat work hierarchy, no micro-management and the staff are encouraged to contribute their views. You also have to show that you are a team player, and it’s not about your individual success – the Danes are a modest bunch – but how well you collaborate with others and you will fit in.

Knowing what job you can do, lots of research to find companies that fit well, and learning more about the local culture means a new job awaits you in 2022.

However, it may be necessary for you to step out of your comfort zone and set a new challenge to get you over the finish line. You may not get a medal, but starting a new job is worth a celebration.

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