Helsinki City Plan 2016 supplemented with four general plans

Helsinki City Plan 2016 supplemented with four general plans

Local master plans complement the town plan. They are being prepared for the Länsiväylä and Viikinranta-Lahdenväylä areas, as well as for Östersundom and Vartiosaari.

Design areas

The local master plan identifies the key community structure of the area and focuses on issues relevant to the urban structure, such as housing, the location of jobs and services, transport links, and the recreation and greenery network. It will guide the future detailed planning of that area.

The city center is expanding towards the Western Route

Helsinki City Plan 2016 supplemented with four general plans
Western Highway area

The Supreme Administrative Court overturned some of the Länsiväylä City Planning 2016 entries, including the City Boulevard entry. However, the formula allows for urban development on both sides of the canceled lane of Lauttasaari. The local master plan applies to Länsiväylä and its surrounding areas in Koivusaari, Lauttasaari and Salmisaari. The regional master plan will be drawn up in 2022-2025.

The design work aims to reduce the harmful effects of the fairway-like traffic environment on the population and to explore the possibilities of developing the urban structure along the Länsiväylä in Lauttasaari and Salmisaari. The aim is e.g. defining the land use and traffic of the area as a whole, expanding the city center, enabling diverse housing production within the framework of the AM housing and land use program, diversifying the service structure of the area, providing good investment locations for business. and jobs and creating the conditions for a high-quality and attractive urban space.

When drawing up the plan, the effects of the plan on the living conditions of the inhabitants, the living environment, the cityscape, nature, recreation, landscape, cultural heritage and transport must be taken into account. The effects of the new urban structure and possible land improvement activities on climate and adaptation to climate change will also be taken into account. The port tunnel to be built from the West Harbor to the West Harbor will affect the land use planning of Salmisaari.

The Viikinranta – Lahdenväylä formula connects Arabianranta to Viikki

Helsinki City Plan 2016 supplemented with four general plans
Viikinrata – Lahdenväylä

Public transport is based on the Viikki-Malmi light rail, ie Viimaa. The master plan ensures the conditions for the implementation of the latter and smooth traffic, as well as enables new construction in its area of ​​influence. The last light rail line is expected to be completed in the 2030s. The functioning of Lahdenväylä, which is important for national public transport and freight transport, will be ensured.

The Natura area of ​​the Old Town Bay is an important starting point for zoning, the natural values ​​of which are safeguarded despite increased land use and abrasion. The green network is one of the attractions in the region.

Rail connection and green network key issues in Östersundom

Helsinki City Plan 2016 supplemented with four general plans

The joint Östersundom master plan for Helsinki, Vantaa and Sipoo was repealed in May 2021 and planning for the area will continue with local master planning. The zoning area of ​​Östersundom’s sub-general plan includes the entire Östersundom sub-area and part of the Mustavuori region.

The aim of the local master plan is to prepare for Helsinki’s population growth, to steer growth in a sustainable way, to increase the supply of diverse housing types, to offer detached house construction projects and to balance the regional structure of the Helsinki metropolitan area. eastward.

The key issues to be addressed in Östersundom’s master plan are the rail connection, the land use that supports it and the strengthening of the green network. The protection of Natura 2000 sites, nature reserves and important ecological links in the area are important starting points for planning.

Östersundom is also undergoing a small-scale detailed design of Landbo and the northern part of Karhusaari, as well as a detached house design program that will allow for additional construction in Östersundom’s existing detached house areas.

Vartiosaari for recreational use

Helsinki City Plan 2016 supplemented with four general plans

In accordance with the Helsinki City Strategy 2021-2025, Vartiosaari is intended for recreational use.

The island has been developed into an active recreation area as part of the Eastern Helsinki Cultural Park. The aim is to plan recreational activities in accordance with the natural values ​​of the area. The island as a whole is part of the Eastern Helsinki Cultural Park and the forests are part of the Helsinki forest network.

The protection of the nationally valuable villa area will be promoted. The development of recreation, holiday and tourism services in Vartiosaari will be promoted. The plan will ensure the accessibility of the island’s services and take into account existing recreational routes. The aim is to protect natural sites.

Residents and stakeholders were consulted during the planning process

The progress of local master plans and opportunities for participation will be communicated throughout the planning process. The main participation procedures are the statutory deposit phase, negotiations between authorities and stakeholders, demonstration and discussion events, and informal discussions with designers. More detailed information on participation opportunities and planning schedules can be found on the Helsinki New Horizons website.

Source: City of Helsinki

Source: The Nordic Page




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