Tuesday’s newspapers: MPs back to work, Covid restrictions lifted, nurses’ vaccine pass valid and online skiing lessons

Tuesday's newspapers: MPs back to work, Covid restrictions lifted, nurses' vaccine pass valid and online skiing lessons

Parliament will return to work after the Christmas break on Tuesday, and there is a long list of things in the parliamentary tray. Helsingin Sanomat has summary big things.

The government intends to present 166 additional bills in the spring and 122 in the autumn. The HS suggests that individual laws do not cause major contradictions, but the broad broad lines of government economic policy are provoking heated debate in MPs.

The governing parties have agreed to put forward employment measures that will improve the state’s finances by € 110 million a year, and the deadline for submitting the package is 15 February.

Opposition parties have criticized the government for its reluctance to cut unemployment benefits in an attempt to get people back to work, but government parties have agreed to limit the early retirement of older jobseekers.

At the same time, climate action must be stifled, as the government puts the meat on its goal of being carbon neutral by 2035.

This includes measures to reduce emissions from transport and agriculture, both of which are controversial issues.

The last theme of HS is Covid. prime minister Sanna Marin (SDP) said Monday that he believes the restrictions could be lifted this month, but the ruling parties will meet on Wednesday to discuss the matter further.

Restrictions removed

Iltalehti has a list on Tuesday, February 1, changing Covid rules. Restaurants serving mainly food can be open until 9 pm, alcohol sales end at 5 pm and the number limit is 75 percent of capacity.

Cinemas can be reopened in many areas, including gyms and swimming pools. The recommendation for colleges to switch to distance learning ends and colleges decide how to proceed.

Border checks on passengers arriving from Schengen countries also ended on 31 January, while checks on EU arrivals from non-Schengen countries ended on 1 February.

All passengers from outside the EU will therefore continue to be screened for Covid and will need either evidence of vaccination or recovery from Covid and a negative Covid test result.

The government has also raised its recommendation that people meet only five people outside the family at a time.

Nursing vaccines

In the meantime, Ilta-Sanomat is report on the nursing vaccination requirement, which will take effect on Tuesday. Different regions of Finland interpret the rules differently.

In Tampere, nothing changes – unvaccinated nurses can continue their work. But refusing to take Covid in Turku could lead to a loss of pay.

Tampere will reassess the situation on 14 February. It makes use of the statutory clause that employers may use unvaccinated staff due to mitigating circumstances, as it has little choice due to staff absences.

The local health authority tells IS that absences are currently three times the normal level.

THL Vaccine Specialist To Hanna NohyMeanwhile, says HS in his view, the law is now not justified as a means of protecting patients.

Although nurses should take the vaccine to protect themselves, Nohynek says they do not prevent infection and infection – so they do not guarantee protection for patients from Covid.

Ski lessons online

Finland is the culmination of the ski season, and the ski trails cover most of the country after a heavy snowfall over the weekend.

The nature of the sport is that many have long breaks between skiing opportunities due to lack of snow, equipment or interest.

However, Vantaa Sanomat has handy guide for those who dig their skis out of stock to get off the track.

The video shows the right technology for those who want to practice Nordic skiing, and the article below has tips for creating decent tracks and even personal lessons.

Source: The Nordic Page

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