YLE: Most MPs believe that Russia is a growing threat to Finland

YLE: Most MPs believe that Russia is a growing threat to Finland

With the exception of one, Russia saw a growing security threat from the National Coalition and all respondents representing the Christian Democrats, the Greens and the Swedish People’s Party. Representatives of the center, the Left Alliance and the Social Democrats, for their part, saw widely that the threat had not increased.

The members of the basic Finns disagreed on the matter, as 13 considered that the threat had increased and 10 that it had not increased.

Many legislators who felt the threat had increased saw it as indirect, as a result of growing tensions in Europe.

“Finland is not under direct military threat,” he said Sari Sarkomaa (NCP). “Our security situation is good. Russia’s desire to resort to military force to protect its interests undermines the general security situation in Europe, indirectly in Finland as well.

According to YLE, some of the respondents referred in particular to the accumulation of Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders and to Moscow’s demands for NATO’s expansion to the east.

“Russia’s sphere of influence creates instability throughout Europe. Even if we do not talk about a military threat to Finland, the actions of our neighboring country challenge the right of sovereign countries to make their own security policy decisions, ”analyzes Jouni Ovaska (Center).

Timo Heinonen (NCP) said that Finland could also be subjected to direct hostile activities as part of the Russian operation.

“Russia is clearly testing the borders of the West and its ability and willingness to react,” he said. “Measures against several countries at the same time could make it more difficult for the West to respond.”

Riikka PurraThe President of Basic Finns said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had taken an increasingly aggressive stance on foreign policy “primarily for domestic political reasons.”

YLE pointed out that the legislators, who did not think the threat had increased, also agreed that the international security situation was intensifying. However, their answers show that there has been no deterioration in bilateral relations between Finland and Russia.

“Russia’s growing military presence on the Ukrainian border has created tensions between Russia and Ukraine, not Finland,” he said. Katri Kulmuni (Center).

“The threat is not directly directed at Finland, but it is a cause for concern. Finland must promote dialogue and diplomatic methods in the EU that can ease tensions, comments Tarja Filatov (SDP).

Some respondents took the opportunity to consider the implications of possible NATO membership. They warned that Finland should refrain from changing its security policy position unexpectedly.

– Russia will not threaten Finland as long as we do not sigh after NATO membership. Raimo Piirainen (SDP).

Johannes Yrttiaho (LA) estimates that the threat has been deliberately exaggerated to justify the recent acquisition of fighter jets in Finland. There is nothing new or surprising in Russia’s reactions, he argued.

“Russia has reiterated its previous views. It is concerned about the deployment of NATO weapons at its borders. Finland should not contribute to the escalation of tensions between the great powers.

The Finnish Broadcasting Corporation invited all 200 legislators to respond to the online survey on 19-26 March. January. The survey received responses from 120 legislators.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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