The Palme Inquiry from the inside part 1/7: Olof Palme’s last hours

The Palme Inquiry from the inside part 1/7: Olof Palme's last hours

One week into the murder investigation, DN journalist Ann-Marie Åsheden begins a project that is unparalleled. She will secretly follow the Palme Inquiry from within, through daily interviews with the reconnaissance leader Holmér.

For 36 years, the 90 cassette tapes with unique recordings from the Palme Inquiry’s first year have been locked up. No one has heard them. Ann-Marie Åsheden is the only person who has access to them. And for the first time, she has decided to let go of secrecy.

In Holmér’s first-hand story, we hear about the 33-year-old, Skandiamannen, and what became Hans Holmér’s main track: the Kurdish PKK.

Over time, Holmér becomes more and more questionable. But in the beginning he is a superstar. Sweden’s most important person, who everyone listens to.

On the secret cassette tapes, he tells freely and uncensored. He is tossed between the hope of finding the killer, and the despair of realizing that he might fail.


Mårten Palme, son of Olof Palme.

Ann-Marie Åsheden, journalist.

Christina Jutterström, former editor-in-chief, DN.

Hans Wranghult, fd bitr. reconnaissance leader.

Hans Holmér, former reconnaissance leader (from cassette / archive).

The series “The Palm Investigation from the Inside” is made by the production company Banda, for P3.
By: Lovisa Lamm Nordenskiöld.
Producer: Hugo Lavett.
Clip: Simon Moser.
Research & reporter: Sonia Hultqvist.
Sound engineer: Sandra Pettersson.
Executive producer: Jon Jordås.
Published: 2022.





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