Yle’s opinion poll: Support for Finnish parties collapsed, Greens down, NCP remains at the forefront

Yle's opinion poll: Support for Finnish parties collapsed, Greens down, NCP remains at the forefront

Opposition Support for basic Finns has risen in Yle’s recent monthly survey.

The Riikka Purra-party party received 15 percent support in the parliamentary election vote, which is 3.3 percentage points less than in the previous comparison.

However, the party as a whole remained in third place, even though it has lagged behind the prime minister Sanna MarinThe Social Democratic Party (SDP) ranks second with 19% and the Opposition Party (NCP), led by Petteri Orpowhich maintained its position at the top of the survey with a position of 21.2 per cent.

"The support of basic Finns is currently flowing to many parties: in particular the NCP, the Movement Now and the Power People’s Party (VKK)," Research Director Tuomo Turja The survey company of the Economic Survey told Yle.

Other permanent supporters of the party appear to have stepped aside during the most recent IP and have chosen not to disclose their party views. This may be due to the fact that the main theme of the provincial elections held in January was social and health services, which is not a key issue for the supporters of Basic Finns.

"Support for basic Finns has been declining throughout January. It seems that the interest of its supporters in politics in general has diminished," Turja said.

In the first Finnish provincial elections, basic Finns received only 11.1 per cent support, which is a significant drop from the last election. The party finished fourth in the overall competition, well behind the traditional top three NCP, SDP and downtown parties.

The Greens are still losing their support

The latest voter survey also revealed a decline in support for the Greens, which has fallen steadily among voters over the past year.

Party with interim leader Iiris Suomela at the helm at the same time Maria Ohisalo is on maternity leave and its support fell below 10 per cent in this month’s poll.

According to Turja, the party’s poor success in the provincial elections (which did not involve its fortress of Helsinki) and the ensuing post-election debates could have affected voters’ mood as attention turned to next year’s parliamentary elections. Support for the Greens fell sharply in the weeks after the provincial election, when the party received only 7.4 per cent of the vote.

"It is now quite clear that the Greens are losing support for the Left Alliance. The leakage is clearly higher than in previous months," Turja said.

In addition to the Greens, support for the Left Alliance, which is part of the governing coalition, rose by one percentage point to 9 per cent in the latest poll.

Supporters of the Greens are also moving to the SDP camp, Turja added, as there is significant variation in the so-called “red-green” bloc.

Careful signs of recovery with Center support

The strong performance of the center in the provincial elections was not reflected in the result of the parliamentary vote, as the party received 12.7 per cent support.

"Support for the center seemed to rise slightly after the provincial elections. The party received about 14 percent support in post-election polls, but this is not visible throughout the election period." Turja said.

The party had received 19.2 per cent of the vote in the provincial elections and ranked third in the overall situation. No regional elections were held in Helsinki, where the party’s support has traditionally been lower than elsewhere in Finland.

The support for the Coalition parties was 55.1 per cent, which has remained fairly the same throughout Prime Minister Marin’s term.

Of the small parties, support for Valta Kansa rose by 0.5 per cent.

The Economic Survey interviewed 2,727 people between January 9 and February 1, 2022. A total of 1,983 voters reported their party base, with a margin of error of +/- 1.8 percentage points.

Source: The Nordic Page

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