Basic Finns leave a motion of censure on fuel and electricity prices

Basic Finns leave a motion of censure on fuel and electricity prices

The opposition Basic Finns announced that they were leaving an interpellation, which is the first step towards a motion of censure on the Prime Minister’s government. Sanna Marin (SDP) on the issue of fuel and electricity prices and its view of the government’s inability to respond to the situation.

According to the chairman of Basic Finns Riikka Purrarising prices will affect transport and housing costs and significantly weaken the purchasing power of low- and middle-income earners.

"Worry and wonder are no longer enough. Citizens need insight into how to alleviate the situation," Purra stated in a tweet in Finnish.

The leader of the Basic Finns also condemned the recent statement of the Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko (Cen) at Question Time at Parliament, who said those struggling with high electricity bills could turn to social services.

According to Purra, the basic Finns think the answer is arrogant.

"We are calling for national measures to reduce fuel and electricity prices, such as tax cuts. The government is spreading its hands, blaming world market prices and claiming that they can do nothing about it. This is not true," Purra said in a party press release.

Purra argues that the government’s climate policy is exacerbating the situation.

"The government must withdraw from the stricter carbon neutrality target than other countries. The climate cannot oppress Finns from two directions, both through overwhelming national action and by agreeing to everything the EU dares to propose." he continued.

The second main opposition party, the Coalition Party, is also said to be considering supporting the interpellation of Perussuomalainen.

Source: The Nordic Page