Meta threatens to withdraw Facebook, Instagram from Europe due to advertising ban

Meta threatens to withdraw Facebook, Instagram from Europe due to advertising ban

WASHINGTON DC: In a US application, Meta said that they are considering leaving Europe if they can no longer exchange data from European users with the US, due to the EU’s Schrems II privacy decision.

The Schrems II decision is a crucial ruling by the European Court of Justice, which in July 2020 declared the Privacy Shield, a US law that gave US authorities the right to collect personal data about EU citizens, no longer legal.

This campaign began in 2011, when the Austrian lawyer, activist and author Maximillian Schrems searched 1,222 pages of information that Facebook had about him.

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the United States Privacy Shield Principles were found invalid by the European Union.

The Schrems II ruling affects not only Facebook but all US companies, including Google, Microsoft and Amazon, whose cloud services form the backbone of most of the Internet in the West.

The court has previously argued that Google Analytics and Google Fonts sent personal information, such as IP addresses, to another service without permission and without a clear and valid reason.

While some fear that Europe will distance itself from major cloud providers, and the Google Fonts ruling has set a precedent in cases where content is served from a content distribution network or CDN, there are other legal procedures for sending EU data to the United States.

While Schrems II annuls US privacy protections, the legal protections for standard contract clauses and binding corporate rules remain in force.

At the same time, the European Court of Justice has ruled that personal data is less well protected in the United States than in Europe.

In addition, Facebook claims that stopping transatlantic data transmissions will significantly affect its targeted online advertising activities.


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