The maintenance of nuclear power plants in Finland benefited from joint development

The maintenance of nuclear power plants in Finland benefited from joint development

The National Institute of Occupational Health investigated whether modeling work processes is an effective way to develop maintenance work at nuclear power plants. The research project modeled three processes: responding to disruptions, planning change work, and developing reporting processes.

The results were positive. Modeling work processes improved staff’s common understanding of daily work routines and its development needs.

There are certain features in the operation of nuclear power plants that make it particularly important to have a common understanding of everyday routines. In safety-critical environments, processes must be clear and protected from interruptions. Staff must be able to use new and traditional technologies.

“Participatory methods support a shift in culture towards an increasingly evolving approach. It is about security: transparency, joint action, overcoming challenges, simplifying complex matters, ”says the research professor. Anna-Maria Teperi From the Department of Occupational Health.

It is important to strengthen a common understanding of work processes in the event of change

Modeling work processes is very useful in reducing interruptions, improving the quality and smoothness of work, and promoting collaboration and information flow.

“The study showed that the goals for certain processes were a bit unclear, which plagued service engineers. The concrete operating model led by the third-party instructor helped to develop development needs constructively, ”says Senior Advisor. Arja Ala-Laurinaho From the Department of Occupational Health.

In safety-critical industries, it is particularly important to ensure that staff have a common understanding of work processes and their interactions with each other. The need for this is especially important whenever changes occur: for example, the organization changes or a new technical device is introduced.

The guide, published as part of a research project, provides the prerequisites for modeling different work processes.

“Developing commons is sometimes perceived as cumbersome and time consuming. I want to challenge workplace management to consider whether inclusive work practices are appropriate for their daily work routines. Considering the potential benefits, the investment pays off many times over, says Anna-Maria Teperi.

Inclusive Development in Support of Human Security Factors (PARSA)

Source: National Institute for Occupational Health

Source: The Nordic Page




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