The plan behind Russia’s new warfare

The plan behind Russia's new warfare

The Swedish government flags cyber attacks on the financial system, and among other things calls the Governor of the Riksbank to a meeting.

Security expert Katarina Engberg believes that the background is the extensive sanctions that will be imposed on Russia if the armed forces attack Ukraine.

– It may then happen that the Russian side takes countermeasures of various kinds also against the western financial system. And then there are cyber attacks as part of such a scenario, she says.

Hybrid warfare

Cyberattacks are one of the methods in the gray zone area, or the art of hybrid warfare. Here, the Russian top general Valery Gerasimov has been given the name behind the strategy behind Russian, modern warfare.

– That is a show that is quite widely spread. That Gerasimov comes in and revolutionizes the whole of Russian military thinking. Especially with a focus on what we called hybrid warfare, says Oscar Jonsson, researcher at the Swedish National Defense College.

But is the picture true? And what does the so-called Gerasimov Doctrine mean?
Border goes deep with the thinking behind the ongoing conflict between Russia, the United States and the European Union.

Participants: Jan Kinnander, Chief of Security at the Military Security Service, Must, Katarina Engberg, independent consultant and senior advisor at the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, Sieps, Oscar Jonsson, researcher at the Swedish National Defense College, Carolina Wagnssonprofessor of political science at the Swedish National Defense College.


Bo Torbjörn Ek, host

Ulrika Bergqvist, Reporter

Per Vallgårdaresearcher

Carl-Johan Ulvenäsproducer

Publisher: Nils Eklund

Technician: Mats Jonsson


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