Some hospital districts are bringing back unvaccinated workers due to staff shortages

Some hospital districts are bringing back unvaccinated workers due to staff shortages

Several unvaccinated health workers across the country have returned to work after a temporary ban.

An amendment to the Finnish Communicable Diseases Act, which requires Covid vaccinations for healthcare workers, came into force last week, as a result of which hospital districts postponed or suspended the salaries of unvaccinated workers.

Under the new regulation, only those who have been vaccinated or recovered from the virus in the last six months will be able to work closely with patients at risk.

This has led to acute staff shortages; however, especially in nursing homes, where many hospital districts have difficulty finding suitable replacements for laid-off workers.

The law allows the employment of unvaccinated people in special situations.

"We have had to hire unvaccinated health workers in certain units, taking advantage of special circumstances, due to severe staff shortages," said Anu Koivumäki From the Social and Health District of South Karelia (Eksote), which had to lay off dozens of employees after the introduction of the assignment.

"However, there are still units that do not employ non-vaccinated persons," he added.

The Itä-Savo Hospital District also had to bring back 10 unvaccinated nurses to work in home care and housing services.

"Each unvaccinated worker has consulted an infectious disease physician and is assigned to work separately for a limited time. They have been called back so that we have enough caregivers to meet the needs of our customers and residents," said Maijaterttu Tiainenhospital district administrator.

Vaccination coverage of health care workers has proven to be sufficient in most hospital districts, but according to information received by Yle, in addition to South Karelia and East Savo, the hospital districts of Oulu, Pori and Rovaniemi have had to hire unvaccinated staff since the new change came into force. into force.

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