National Round-Up: Russian Ambassador warns that US cooperation could jeopardize security in the Baltic Sea

National Round-Up: Russian Ambassador warns that US cooperation could jeopardize security in the Baltic Sea

Vladimir Barbin, the Russian ambassador to Denmark, has today informed Politiken that Denmark’s closer defense cooperation with the United States could have serious consequences for security in the Baltic Sea.

Negotiations are underway, but it is expected that American personnel and equipment will be welcomed on Danish soil.

World military dominance

“It is a clear confirmation of the United States and NATO’s course towards securing military dominance in the world,” he wrote.

“Current developments prove the validity of Russia’s demands for security guarantees from NATO and the United States.”

Body parts found while hunting for missing woman in Aalborg

North Jutland Police have found body parts that they suspect belong to Mia Skadhauge Stevn, the young woman who disappeared last weekend after a night in Aalborg. A 36-year-old man who is currently in custody has been charged with the murder of her. Should her death be confirmed, Mia will, according to government figures, be the fourth woman to be killed in Denmark this year. The Justice Department has promised action to stop “women being killed because they are women”.

Bill to stop age discrimination in the job application process
The Folketing has had a first reading of a bill to stop age discrimination in the job application process. Once enacted, the law will make it illegal to screen candidates depending on their age. It is expected to take effect on July 1.

Fewer corona patients in intensive care

Fewer corona patients are on intensive care despite an increase in the rate of hospitalization. Far fewer admissions have a lower respiratory tract infection – a major cause of corona complications that can often result in death. There are currently 1,370 people in the hospital with corona, although almost half were admitted for another reason. The latest daily infection rates confirmed 48,170 fresh cases – about 29 percent of 166,220 PCR tests were positive.

Deadline for applying for technological projects to reduce greenhouse gases

Applicants have until April 1 to apply for funding from a pool of $ 194 million that supports projects on technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. The Danish Energy Agency’s pool was approved by the Finance Act 2022 and is financed by the EU under the NextGenerationEU initiative. Decisions are expected in June 2022.

No more corona tests for educations from February 21 onwards
From 21 February, it will no longer be necessary for teachers and pupils in day care institutions and primary schools to test themselves for corona twice a week, the Ministry of Children and Education has stated. However, testing is advised in case of outbreak or someone openly infected.

Additional support withdrawn for relocation of public education

Two more parties have withdrawn their support for a bill to ensure that 60 percent of vocational training for four major public professions – teachers, educators, nurses and social workers – is located outside the country’s four major cities. The Unity List and the Alternative have joined the Liberal Alliance and the Radicals in opposing the measures and have expressed dissatisfaction with the funding. Danish Professional Colleges are also against the initiatives.

Source: The Nordic Page

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