Political savages and iconic clothing choices

Political savages and iconic clothing choices

Recently came the news that the Feminist Initiative wants to exclude Gudrun Schyman because she wants to start a new party.

When Schyman was the leader of the Left Party, she herself chose to quit and become politically wild. Mikael Jansson, SD’s former party leader, resigned due to the NATO issue and Amineh Kakabaveh, former left-wing party member, recently got through several proposals that were politically wild, in exchange for her release of two Social Democratic prime ministers.

During the Olympics, our political satirist Moa Wallin has noted that politicians struggle to show that they care about sports – and she thinks about what is hidden behind the sports-interested facade.

This week’s listener question is about politicians’ clothes. Our political reporter Lova Olsson goes through some of the most iconic garments politicians wear. For example, the then Minister of the Environment Andreas Carlgren’s (c) leather jacket in the rostrum, which led to dissatisfaction in the Riksdag. Mona Sahlin’s white shirt when she gave one of Sweden’s most acclaimed public defense speeches during the Toblerone affair. Carl Bildt’s (m) silk jacket with a rat pattern received the most attention of all politicians’ clothes.

David Druid and Katherine Zimmerman in political talk show.

In the new podcast you meet David Druid and Katherine Zimmerman who were previously colleagues in Morgonpasset in P3. The talk show is their reunion. In the podcast, we also hear Ekot’s political reporter Lova Olsson and the satirist Moa Wallin from Tankesmedjan in P3.

Producer: Sukran Kavak

Executive producer: Ulla Svensson

Digital editor: Petrina Hinas





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