The situation around Ukraine does not change Sweden’s attitude towards joining NATO

The situation around Ukraine does not change Sweden's attitude towards joining NATO

Stockholm [Sweden]February 12 (ANI / Sputnik): The situation around Ukraine did not affect Sweden’s position when it comes to joining NATO, and Stockholm does not want to become a member of the alliance, the Swedish state secretary told Prime Minister Karin Wallensteen.

“In a situation like this, more than ever, stability and predictability are important … Our security policy is established … We want to be a good, strong partner for NATO, but we are not looking to join,” Wallensteen said. to Politico on Friday.

The precarious situation around Ukraine has worsened in recent weeks as the United States and the European Union have expressed concern over Russia’s military build-up at the Ukrainian border, and NATO has called on allies to increase their military support for Kiev.

Russia, in turn, has repeatedly denied allegations of intent to invade its neighbor, pointing out that NATO’s military activity near Russian borders poses a threat to its national security while hampering efforts for a peaceful solution in Ukraine. (ANI / Sputnik)


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