Russian invasion threat, the public disease postcovid and so a city’s soul is moved …

Russian invasion threat, the public disease postcovid and so a city's soul is moved ...

Time 1:

  • Russian invasion moves closer to Ukraine

  • Postcovid may become a new public disease

  • Festive protests in Ottawa

  • Movie about poverty in Egypt meets criticism – meet the celebrated actor

  • Chronicle by Göran Rosenberg

  • The panel with Lisa Pelling, Stig-björn Ljunggren and Tove Lifvendahl

Time 2:

  • Kiruna moves – but how do you get the city’s soul?

  • Public Service

  • Scandal in nursing homes in France – more and more people are choosing public transport as an alternative

  • The culture panel about late debutants

  • Kåseri by Pamela Jaskoviak





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