FM Haavisto: Finland will not send weapons to Ukraine

FM Haavisto: Finland will not send weapons to Ukraine

Finland will not send weapons to Ukraine because it threatens to attack Russia, says the foreign minister Pekka Haavisto (Green).

Haavisto also said on Yle TV1’s breakfast television program on Tuesday that there is still hope for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, even though the United States has announced Russia is planning an attack on Wednesday, February 16th.

However, Haavisto stressed the need to continue diplomatic efforts, including with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholzin visit to Moscow.

He further pointed out that the president Vladimir Putin met with his foreign minister Sergei Lavrovwhich suggests that the approach remains twofold and that diplomatic efforts continue alongside the increase in Russian troops at Ukraine’s borders.

"Surely you have the feeling that they are interested in US offers," said Haavisto. "They are also positive things for Russia."

"Hopefully this negotiation path will continue. Of course, you should prepare for the worst and hope for the best."

“Finland is not a big arms exporter”

According to Haavisto, Finland does not intend to send weapons to Ukraine.

"Finland is not a major arms exporter of any kind," said Haavisto. "Each shipment is handled individually here. In principle, we have said that we will not take up arms in conflict zones."

However, Haavisto said that Finland has been supporting Ukraine financially since 2014 and the government is considering what help it could provide.

He also rejected suggestions that the lack of arms exports was due to fears of a Russian reaction.

"Each country will certainly help according to its own resources," said Haavisto. "When I saw Chancellor Scolz’s statements yesterday in Kiev, they were in line with them, as they focus on humanitarian aid."

The Foreign Minister added that the Ministry’s officials have been in contact with almost all 120 Finns in Ukraine who have made a travel declaration. Some had already left, some were leaving and some had decided to stay in Ukraine despite Finland’s call.

Source: The Nordic Page

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