Thor owns Thursday, but first Wednesday gets wet!

Thor owns Thursday, but first Wednesday gets wet!

DMI’s national weather forecast has confirmed that two storm surges are on their way to Denmark this week, which brings stormy winds to the country on Thursday and then Saturday.

27 percent chance of a storm
The first wave will pass northwest of Scotland on Wednesday night, before hitting Denmark’s east coast on Thursday – most likely heading south-east, but gradually decreasing on its way.

According to, the capital region can expect wind speeds of 12 meters per second from 08.00 until evening with gusts of up to 24 m / s – around five m / s during storm Malik, but still very windy!

According to TV2, the probability that Thursday will bring us a storm is 27 percent.

Round 2, but who’s in the line of fire?
At the moment, the capital region has nothing to fear on Saturday, but that may well change.

The northern part will be hardest hit, with DMI admitting that “the exact trajectory and development is still somewhat uncertain”.

Again, the wind will be gale force winds, most likely on the west coast of Jutland and in the Baltic Sea north of Zealand from Friday 18.00 to Saturday 15.00.

Bucket reader tomorrow
The week will also be quite wet, where Wednesday will bring 16 mm of rain to the whole country. Few areas will escape the deluge, which will be strongest during the evening.

As things stand, rain has been forecast every day until Sunday in the capital region.

But the temperature will remain eerily warm and fluctuate between 6 and 8 degrees throughout the period.

Source: The Nordic Page




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