Buddy with the body

Buddy with the body

An encouraging thought in the talk about body hatred is that it seems that one’s own body perception gets better with age. It shows a study from The University of Queensland.

At the same time, more than half of all people are dissatisfied throughout their lives.

But what should you do to reach acceptance? Obesity researcher Erik Hemmingsson says that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, or that it is easy, but that it is possible.

– Ignoring the standards requires a lot of strength and security. You can get help from your friends or family who can reflect you and say that what you are doing is not good. It can help. But chasing the social ideal is completely obscene, and the most important thing to remember is: There is nothing wrong with your body, he says.

Guests in the program: Monika Björn, training expert, Åsa Kalmér, debut author of the book NakedErik Hemmingsson, obesity researcher at the School of Gymnastics and Sports and Fiona Barlow, researcher at The University of Queensland.

The host is Ulrika Hjalmarson Neideman.





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