Wednesday’s newspapers: Second NATO survey, unpaid agricultural bills, Olympic super day

Wednesday's newspapers: Second NATO survey, unpaid agricultural bills, Olympic super day

Poll ordered by the day Helsingin sanomat newspaper shows that 43 per cent of Finnish voters support joining NATO if the president and prime minister considered joining the union in Finland’s interests.

Of the 1,066 people who responded to the survey, 27 percent said they were opposed to membership even in these circumstances, while 30 percent were insecure.

Respondents were also asked why they supported or opposed NATO membership. The most popular arguments in favor of membership were the acquisition of NATO troops in the event of an attack on Finland and membership as a deterrent in crisis situations.

The main argument against membership was concern about the deterioration of relations between Finland and Russia.

Sakari NurmelaKantar TNS’s research director told Helsingin Sanomat that NATO membership is a big and complex thing for ordinary citizens.

"It is therefore natural that more and more people will take a positive view of NATO if the political decision-makers, the President and the Prime Minister, say that this is a good thing for us." Nurmela pointed out.

According to Nurmela, there is a hard core in both supporting and opposing membership. Then there is the large number of people who take a more pragmatic approach.

He said that Finns see both opportunities and threats in NATO membership, and that this poll reflects people’s wishes and fears.

"What stands out most about the security NATO provides on a bad day and how to cope [relations] With Russia if we are members. It makes you think" said Nurmela.

In January, Helsingin Sanomat published a survey in which the question of NATO membership was asked without preconditions, ie without taking into account the role of the President and the Prime Minister. In that poll, 28 percent of respondents were in favor of NATO membership.

Debts of farmers

As reported in the media on Tuesday, the price of food has risen sharply in recent months, and according to statistics from the Natural Resources Agency, food prices are expected to rise 2-2.5 percent this year.

The Future of Rural Affairs said on Wednesday that farmers are going through difficult times, especially for young farmers and those running large farms. According to MT, more than 5,000 farms, nearly 10 percent, are struggling with unpaid bills.

According to MT’s report, the most difficult situation is for poultry farms and egg producers.

The magazine assumes that many, if not most, farmers in difficulty have recently invested in production.

Purchase prices of agricultural equipment rose by more than one-fifth in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared with the previous year, Statistics Finland reported on Tuesday.

At the end of the year, fertilizers cost more than twice as much, energy a third more and feed more than a fifth more than a year earlier.

Tampere test series

Aamulehti says Next week, Tampere is expected to receive almost 200,000 Covid home tests from the Security of Supply Center for distribution to the city’s approximately 39,000 students and school staff.

By Kristiina JärveläThe city’s director of basic education in Tampere hopes that the tests will be distributed before the winter holiday in Pirkanmaa, which begins on 28 February.

"Taking into account [Covid] situation, they are a little late," Järvelä. "Of course, this can help ensure a return to school after the winter break. We believe it will be useful."

Winter vacation weather

As school winter holidays begin in the south of the country, Evening paper provides readers with an overview of the extended weather forecast.

In the southern and central parts of the country, colder temperatures are forecast for this week, but milder weather will begin in the week beginning February 21st.

The magazine quotes Foreca’s meteorology Anna Latvala Snowfall is likely to continue until mid-March in much of the country.

At the end of February and the beginning of March, the cold weather periods are likely to be short-lived. The extended days mean that the statistically coldest period of the year is now behind us.

olympic events

Evening News looking forward to what it calls a "super day" for Finnish athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Iivo Niskanen and Joni Mäki compete for medals in the cross-country men’s team sprint classic Krista Pärmäkoski and Kerttu Niskanen are in the women’s series.

Suvi Minkkinen, Mari Eder, Erika Jänkä and Nastassia Kinnunen counted and shot in the women’s 4x6km biathlon post.

The Finnish men’s hockey team will face Switzerland in the semi-finals.

The day of the Finnish competitors in Beijing ends with the women’s hockey team playing bronze.

Source: The Nordic Page

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