Putin’s military power is so strong

Putin's military power is so strong

The radio correspondents change focus for a few weeks and become the Radio Correspondents-Russia. This is the fourth episode.

What forces has Russia set up?

The war in Ukraine has been going on since 2014, since the annexation of Crimea. What is special eight years later is the extremely large accumulation of forces around Ukraine’s borders. In Radio Correspondents Russia we talk about who these up to 150,000 Russian soldiers are, and about their purpose. That the supply lines are complete, what message does Vladimir Putin want to send to the West with that?

Participants: Johanna Melén, Russia correspondent, Gudrun Persson research leader at the Swedish Defense Research Agency, Per Enerud author and journalist.

Host: Jesper Lindau

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Producer: Irma Norrman

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